My Kind of Town: 61/365, SOLC #10, #ds115

Street scenes capture life on the go, be it a bustling city or a quaint village. Make a photo of a street scene today. #ds115

South Broadway, Nyack, New York on a quiet Wednesday morning with signs of spring budding.

I grew up in a town, smaller than Nyack, but on quiet Tuesday mornings our Main Street had that look.  I remember.

I remember tree-lined blocks  with large, well maintained houses complete with wrap around front porches and back yards. The Shadowland movie theater, Sinicks candy and toy store, the Shamrock for pizza, Cousins for Kosher deli, Kaplans (my grandparents) for ladies clothes,  Woolworths for school supplies and ice cream sundaes, Cohens and Alberts for bread and bakery goods, two local newspapers: The Press and the Journal and in the heart of the town: Liberty Square: the post office, the library, The Wayside Inn.  Our  school just one block beyond on Maple Avenue.

My hometown in the valley surrounded by the Shawangunks. A great place to grow up and I took it forgranted. Because in the 60’s most of what was unique about my town disappeared with the promise of urban renewal. Buildings were taken down with the coming of modernization, but guess what?

IT NEVER HAPPENED!  So we had lots of empty lots around the town, soon to be filled with gas stations.

There have been attempts, over the years, to turn things around.  My brother Jeff, in fact, has been mayor for that last 8 years trying hard to turn things around, but it’s been a struggle.

Nyack is my kind of town.  As an adult who watched the hometown I took foregratned lose its charm, I  vow that this time around,  I will regularly celebrate my good luck  to appreciate Nyack, my kind of town.

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3 thoughts on “My Kind of Town: 61/365, SOLC #10, #ds115

  1. Nice photo, nice sentiments. You remind me to appreciate the beauty in my village. XD

  2. Great post, Bonnie, and a reminder to keep our eyes open to the world.

  3. Thanks Kevin and PB.

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