Flamenco With Dancers: 63/365 SOLC #12

Last night we met at a dance studio. What was I thinking?  I envisioned dark lights, costumes, romance.  Nope!

We met outside the dance space in a Nyack building on a deserted Main Street, that was totally new to me.  In through a back door, down a set of gray concrete stairs, waiting outside a long narrow practice room lit brightly with florescents we waited for Jonathan to arrive. Hedy and Josh were already there with guitars out and ready.

Inside we could watch a line of women of all ages and sizes rehearsing with a tall, lovely, professional Flamenco dance teacher. I was suspended in the moment.

I took out my guitar and foot stand out as we were welcomed inside to watch until Jon arrived.  The bright lights were blinding and I spent my time adjusting my foot stand so that I could see my guitar frets comfortably.  I suspended my fears for now. I was not a solo act.  I was NOT A SOLO ACT!

Jon arrived, Shevan a bit later,  and we immediately began to play through our 3 Sevillanas pieces. One at a time we played, adjusting to the group. The dancers were thrilled to have us and a member of 6 players I was not the focus.  I got comfortable with my guitar in this new environment.

My hands didn’t shake.  I didn’t freak and I always ended with the group.  The middle sections could have been a bit muddy at times and as we headed to the end of the hour I was ready to stop but I stayed in it, always ending with the group.

Performance: Saturday, March 20. Yikes!

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12 thoughts on “Flamenco With Dancers: 63/365 SOLC #12

  1. This is so cool. I know you have talked about it for a bit, but it’s nice to see it coming together for you, Bonnie.

  2. Bravo Bonnie! If I lived nearby, I would love to see you perform.

  3. @ Kevin and Kim- Thanks for your good thoughts. Let’s hope our group can stay together with life getting in the way.

  4. Lisa


    The hardest thing for me is concentrating on my piano playing during a performance. Even if the performance is in front of 9 year olds ! I can really freak myself out if I am not careful. I can really relate to how you must have felt.

  5. So impressive. What a wonderful group to be part of… anytime you can hear live music is a mini retreat. Well done.

  6. Congrats and way cool. I do not think I would have the courage to perform in public rather there were others performing with me or not. Well done!

  7. This is so interesting and so something I would never have first hand knowledge of. I am not musical but I do love to stomp my feet and wear pretty dresses. It sounds awesome. Sending good thoughts ahead to Sat.

  8. It is the perfomance part of my drum lessons that makes me stress too. I love everything else but I don’t care for the idea of anyone watching me. Hang in there.

  9. Excellent Bonnie! Can we hear a snippet?

  10. Susan

    Hi Bonnie,
    I would love to see you perform. I love Flamenco too. Let me know if it will be possible. Thanks,

  11. Susan

    Well, if I would have read closer then I would have seen the information at the top of your blog. haha. I’ll have to call the conservatory to see if there are still tickets available. Susan

  12. Hi Susan,
    Where are you? I forget that you aren’t so far, right? But we are playing with this dance class for the first time. We are the entertainment during the cocktail party. It’s a fundraiser for the Rockland School of Music. So I know there’s a bit of a steep contribution. I love the fact that you are interested in coming but we might be more interesting and cheaper at future events,

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