Dueling Books:63/365 SOLC #13

We are both caught in the grip of  The Girl With the Dragon Tatto by Stieg Larrson. Me, on my Kindle, Tuvia in a paperback.  We are both heading toward the finish line actually, I couldn’t stop myself and plowed through to finish last night even though I had an early wake up scheduled.

We are rarely reading the same book.  I am comfortable and happy in a good work of fiction or reading an insightful or innovative in my world of education while Tuvia is happier reading about scientific discoveries or the work of insightful political analysts.

Even though I read the New York Times book review every Sunday, I’m amazed at how many books pass me.  This one came to me via my brother Rick, who knowing I was heading off to Aruba for a week suggested it.  “I know you would never pick up a book with this title, but trust me, you will love it!” And yes, I did trust him and yes, he was right.  I LOVED IT!

This mystery- thriller, written by Swedish author, Stieg Larrson who at 50, died sadly before any of the three books in this trilogy were published, were immediately made into movies and shown in Europe and now many American directors and leading men are chomping at the bit to get a shot at creating their version of these works for an American audience.

And why not. Great characters, great story line, a great sense of place keeps you breathless, you can’t stop turning the pages.

Mikael Blomkvist is journalist who publishes the Millennium magazine with his best friend/sometime lover, Erika Berger. They pride themselves on taking on corruption in the world of finance.  In the course of the fights to be fought, Mikael joins forces with an unlikely young woman Lisbeth Salander who is covered with tattoos and piercings, has a photographic memory, is a world-class computer hacker and,  I could say much more but, no.  I will leave it here.

I have the second book The Girl Who Played with Fire, downloaded and ready to read, but I’m waiting for Tuvia, sitting across from me, to finish so we can talk. I’m hoping that the whipping winds outside don’t prevent him from finishing tonight, although he is sitting with a flashlight, just in case.

But what a thrill to finish a book that never disappoints from start to finish…

Thumbs way up for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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9 thoughts on “Dueling Books:63/365 SOLC #13

  1. How creative Bonnie. A slice of life and book review wrapped up in one. Love the photos that accompany your work.

  2. Thanks Becky, for stopping by and noticing. So appreciated.

  3. I agree. I too read this on my kindle and was in a trance from chapter, well three, it started off a bit slow to me.
    Then I previewed his next book; not thrilled so I didn’t purchase it.

  4. KT

    I agree! And the second book, to me, was even better.

  5. Elizabeth

    This is a cool slice–I’m looking for novels to read for my new class. I’ll add this one to the list. My mother (who is an avid reader even though her eyesight is going) read the next one and said she almost felt like she had to wash her brain out with soap, because the language was so salty. Interesting image, for me. She, too, loved the first one.


  6. Hmm, I started the second one last night. I couldn’t wait and the jury is out. His focus on abusive men is hard to read. But I’m in it…

  7. too cute. My husband doesn’t usually read what I do. It’s fun to discuss ones we do.

  8. I liked it, too, and am waiting for Fire to come out on paperback.

  9. Thanks for the recommendation – it’s on my summer list.

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