Virtual Reality: 65/365 Slice #14

Did I really want to get up at 6:15 on a Saturday?  Did I really want to have to deal with rain and wind for an hour ride up the NYS Thruway? Did I really want to meet with a group of Hudson Valley Writing Project teacher/techies?

Well a few no’s and one big YES won the day!  And once again we welcomed a guest techie virtually from Michigan and thanks to a smooth connection Troy arrived and stayed with us without interruptions.

So it’s Troy up there on the screen and on my computer and the live techies are talking casually and playing with new tools on their computers. Just one big multi-tasking love fest!

As we shared and prepared together for our upcoming tech conference coming soon to our local New Paltz BOCES on April 10, I marveled at the forces inside all working comfortably even though the weather outside was not encouraging.

Our numbers were smaller yesterday: Steve, Laura( our Poughkeepsie Day School host), Janine, Jenn, Marc and Summar and Troy made my day shine.

What a world of National Writing Project sharing.  Let’s hope we can continue together.  Next week we will be meeting for our annual DC conference to do what we can to meet with our political representatives to share what we do as a site and as a network

Let’s keep the N, in NWP!

I’m wondering if it isn’t time to start marching for an educational vision we can live with.

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12 thoughts on “Virtual Reality: 65/365 Slice #14

  1. I’ll go buy new tennis shoes for the march!

  2. You are on!

  3. Glad the trip up 87 was worth it! I know it can be no picnic in nasty weather.

  4. Exactly Nancy, but it was good to be home before it got worse. Wow was that wind going crazy. We just noticed that a big tree in the backyard is down a lying across Tuvia’s fence. But it missed the house. All good.

  5. Who can not like multi-tasking love fests!
    Sounds like a good time.

  6. Smooth!

  7. Yes, good going getting yourself there. Glad it was so rewarding for you. XD

  8. So far so good even in the rain but today there’s flooding everywhere from last night. Will we get to our movie today? Hmmm. Don’t think so.
    But Tuvia has to weigh in

  9. Sounds like a great day, Bonnie. Let’s definitely keep the N in NWP!

  10. Yes, it is time. It is time!

  11. Lisa

    What a nice Saturday! How can President Obama take the NWP away! Don’t do it, Man!

  12. I LOVE the projector set- up! We are just setting up our first classrooms with smart boards, document cameras and projectors. It’s very exciting.
    Maybe soon we’ll be as confident and handy as that group is!

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