Spring? Really?: 67/365 Slice#16

Yesterday I got to stay home.  It was still windy and raining outside and while I was prepared to get into my car at around 2:00 and ride up to New Paltz, my friend and colleague, Tom, made a good case for me to cancel my trip and enjoy home instead. He  had me covered.  With some deliberation, as I watched the rain and wind increase in power, I agreed  and made a fire to enjoy my home day.

So we had a weekend of rain, falling trees, a loss of power and flooding for many around us and  that continued into yesterday. Could Spring really be coming soon? Last night Tuvia was sure that we would wake up and turn the page.

I think he’s right?  What do you think? Is Spring arriving this week?

Remember, we recently spent a week in Aruba where it’s always a gorgeous summer. And while we walked around in summer mode for that week back home everyone we knew, had to deal with 4 days of snow and a loss of power.

So it’s been a winter that again lasted too long.  I think we will be back in Aruba, same time next year.

But today, I’m going to enjoy the spring. It’s a perfect day for a ride to New Paltz.

How about you?

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11 thoughts on “Spring? Really?: 67/365 Slice#16

  1. Enjoy New Paltz today. I love it up there.

    Honestly, I don’t think Old Man Winter is done rearing his ugly head. I think we’re going to get hit with one more storm. However, I hope I’m wrong.

  2. I agree Stacey. Just when you think it’s safe to come out…watch out!

  3. It is definitely spring here in Southeast Texas. The flowers are starting to burst into bloom, my windshield was covered with pollen this morning.. the world is waking up again. Of course, we have MAYBE two months of actual winter weather a year, so it doesn’t sleep for long.

  4. I’m always skeptical that we won’t get get with one more blast of winter, but as I look at the tulips beginning to bud and the fact that we moved our clocks ahead, I look forward to warmer days and the beginning of sandal season.

  5. @ifer I love the fact that the web is worldwide, don’t you?
    @ Caroline- I agree. I’m waiting for the azalea bush to bloom right outside in front of me. Then I’ll start thinking spring…

  6. I love watching your pictures download on my screen. They don’t come on it layers like photos used to. The whole picture is there and out of focus. As I watch it sharpens and comes into it’s beauty. Thanks.

  7. The “fire” is the key phrase!
    Spring is still out a ways when we still have that wood stove cranking!

  8. I have the same feeling– that winter is not quite done with us, yet! I loved today but I’m remaining in the present. Who knows if March will go out like a lamb?

  9. @ So Cool Nancy. I just read you latest prompt and here’s something from you! COOL!!!

    @ MA- I agree. I’m dreamin’ Spring.

    @ Thanks XO What a great shout out!

  10. Elizabeth

    Spring’s here in California (see the freesias on my post today), complete with warm weather. But you Easterners have really had to endure this winter! I’d head to Aruba, too!


    P.S. Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog 🙂

  11. Someone just shared that about California on FB with me Elizabeth, but yesterday here was quite lovely. My pleasure reading your blog. It’s great.

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