The Burns: 69/365 Slice 18

I spend a lot of time here, watching movies you will rarely find at the mall. Sometimes I feel that I’m transported back in time to my college days, to a arts theater in walking distance from the campus.  The Jacob Burns Film Center is also close to my house, just over the bridge, we can be here in 20 minutes or less, depending on the day and time and the weather.

So for movie lovers, inside this gorgeous facade, is a theater of 3 screening rooms: a main stage, and two smaller theaters but they are all state-of-the-art and treated with respect- no popcorn boxes on the floor and movies are viewed in silence. And what movies: indies, international, film festivals, special events. It’s worth a contribution to become a member. Actually you want to do everything you can to keep it going strong.

This might sound familiar because I write about the Burns Film Center often…

Now, just across the street, there’s a very modern building recently funded, constructed and as Media Art Lab and classes are now offered for kids, for adults, for families. And it’s fantastic to see that the STORY is at the heart of the teaching and learning in all classes.

I am a member of  Crafting of the Documentary and so far, it’s serving its purpose in my own learning. I’m part of a very warm and open group of adult learners sharing their heart-felt stories encouraged by a very experienced filmmaker and supportive teacher, Bobby Houston. I am very comfortable with the digital storytelling process I’ve been using for years to create a piece but I here to get shaken up and Bobby is prepared to provide that challenge for me. I sent a link to a piece I love. He watched it before class and offered both praise and feedback.  He had me share the story with the group and observe how powerful the telling gets the more you share.

I arrived with a piece in progress.  I taped myself in the comfort of my living room, sharing the text of a piece I’ve created to share about and with Barack Obama.  Bobby watched a bit of it with me, was positive about my presentation of “elevated text” and then laid out the challenge for me to move off my script- (I knew he would)  when I have to miss next week’s class. It’s actually perfect timing in the crafting of my piece. I’ll be  in Washington with our writing project site for the National Writing Project’s annual spring conference. It happens that the event is in my piece already.  My challenge is to  move out of my comfort zone and take my camera into the streets for some in- the- moment interviews.

Nice. I’m happy to…

It’s a time to get fresh, just like the season we just entered.

I’m feeling good.  Tonight I begin our SI work and Returning Fellows..pic to follow…

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5 thoughts on “The Burns: 69/365 Slice 18

  1. Elizabeth

    Oh, DC! I’m completely jealous, and the fact that you will endeavor to integrate that experience into your digital work is inspiring. So often, when slicing, I wonder what I can pluck from my day to write about. I think the advice “to move off script” can be applied to the approach we take with our writing, with our creating. It’s the mash-up of the scripted with the serendipitous that makes for interesting creations.

    Thanks for the post–

  2. Beautiful photo, Bonnie. Yes, I will do the prompt this week

  3. I loved the reflecting glass in this shot – the idea of (essentially) the glass forming a live action documentary of the life that passes in front of this lovely theater really appealed to me. I shall have to find this place!

  4. I am most impressed by all you do and how all the areas you are involved in build on each other. A beutiful life – you have.

  5. @ Elizabeth, I’m not totally convinced about going off script but I am taking up the challenge.
    @T-Dawg- Thanks and can’t wait to see the new prompt. I would suggest, short and fun.
    @Thanks Tara, great observation. I could say it was intentional, but no, that’s a cool observation.
    @ XO thank you so much. Sometimes I just don’t see that.

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