Sunshine in the Village: 71/365 Slice#19

We weren’t the only ones who found our way to the Village this afternoon. Not too much traffic coming into the City, but if the bumper-to-bumper dead lock was any sign of what we would have to deal with, well  would it be worth it?


We are familiar with Greenwich Village, entering on Clarkson and meandering in, until decisions must be made- straight, left on Hudson, right on Varick, winding around to Bleecker.

I am never a believer that Tuvia will get himself a coveted parking spot on one of the narrow side streets, but  HE ALWAYS DOES! Today he got one on MacDougal, right off Bleecker. Just one big, open spot.

We were out of the car and walking in seconds and I was clicking away to take home just the perfect shot that caught the first of spring.

It was warm- coats off.  I was still in my exercise capris and sneakers. Tuvia, in his yellow short- sleeved shirt and we were on the look out for the frozen yogurt everyone around us was spooning into their mouths.  I found the place- a yogurt lovers haven- You select a cup- I selected medium and then you move from from the back of the shop to its front tasting and selecting flavors of yogurt.   I tasted almost everything and filled my cup with cookies and cream, red velvet and cake batter- all no fat!  Then, closer to the front I stood in front of toppings to add. With a bit of discipline, I covered the my flavors with fresh strawberries and a light sprinkle of chocolate sprinkles. And then it was time to pay the piper.  A very friendly man at the cashier’s

spot weighed it for me and charged me $4.50. Not too much damage. Tuvia, patiently was ready to get out of the shop and walk.

Just across the street we stopped for coffee and then joined the crowd to head for the smaller park with some shade and people watching in comfort.

Seems like our Village visits follow the same pattern but it’s never boring, never. Even though, once we were back in the car and traveling home on a Friday afternoon that bumper-to-bumper on the other side was now OUR SIDE of the highway and yes, it was a caravan ride home, but you know, we will do it again, with pleasure.

I am finishing up this slice at 4:40 am. Am I insane, or is this a preview of coming attractions?  Tonight I grab my guitar and join my Flamenco group for our performance.


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15 thoughts on “Sunshine in the Village: 71/365 Slice#19

  1. missmoyer

    sounds like a great afternoon.
    I feel like I missed most of the wonderful weather this weekend because of an abundance of afterschool meetings! Hoping to reclaim some of that time today.

  2. Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt sounds heavenly. (even at 8:00am) Good luck tonight at your performance!

  3. @ thank Lennye. You know I will be sharing something tomorrow.
    @ MM you MUST get into the sunshine…MUST!

  4. This post really makes me want to hop on a plane and visit NYC again.

  5. Come!

  6. Sounds like a great day, Bonnie.

  7. You bet, but tonight is starting to freak me out.

  8. The Village on a beautiful day…my idea of heaven! One thing I would like to know: where do you get your marvelous energy … you blog at 4:30 and Flamenco at night – I really admire your readiness to experience all that’s out there.

  9. @Tara-I am running on nervous energy now. I take things on and freak out as I’m moving along. It’s 2:47. I have to be out the door around 5:15 and I should be napping. What am I doing? Not what I need. I did get to play at bit just before. I’m nuts!

  10. Have a great performance. I thought it was last week. XD

  11. @XD- one hour to go.

  12. Wanda Brown

    Sounds like a perfect time on a perfect day! What is a little traffic when you can have such a great time.

  13. Sounds like a great way to savor a sunny Saturday. Hope your Flamenco night is a good one.

    Thank you for your encouraging comment yesterday. ~Theresa

  14. molly

    the post and the picture are lovely. I’m glad you had such a good time and dared to to it. I identify with the inability to rest when resting is the only appropriate thing to do, and I hope it went well for you in the evening. Thanks for taking us to the Village with you.

  15. @ Molly, great thought about rest. Loved sharing the Village!

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