Collaboration: 72/365 Slice # 21

Take a Listen

I loved directing high school theater.  I loved the process: selecting the play, preparing the text, gathering the cast of kids, helping them create the characters, bringing the words alive with movement, collaborating with the other adults on the team, moving to performance. And finally, hell week…but within that week, once I saw a rehearsal where the kids took the play, where they truly became the characters, that’s all I needed. The performances were for them, not me.  I sat in the back of the dark auditorium, exhausted and proud  but honestly, I dreamed of being home in my pj’s with Tuvia.  The process and collaboration with my team and with my great kids was what I loved.

And now as an adult,  taking up a guitar, in that student role, I have  a great teacher who supports me, builds my confidence and provides important opportunities for growth.  For years, I played for him and for Tuvia.  This year I started working with a group of adult learners and last night was our first performance as a group.  We were the cocktail party entertainment  for a fundraiser at the Rockland Conservatory of Music, there to accompany a group of students, dancing Flamenco and it was…okay, fun, yes, okay.  But like my directing high school theater,  what I really loved was the process it took to get to the performance and the collaboration working with this group.

So even though we were stuck in a tiny space next to the elevator on one side, and the T shirt table on the right, we enjoyed playing together and hopefully the momentum will keep us going… It was fun to go public.  And for once, playing in public, my hands weren’t shaking and then dessert at our favorite dinner- a waffle with strawberries.

And maybe today, we will be watching the next step to Health Care reform. Yes? Finally?

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13 thoughts on “Collaboration: 72/365 Slice # 21

  1. Wanda Brown

    You all look so happy in the photo, that tells it all. I expect your kids had the same smiles on their faces while they performed. We need more people like you to share their passion for life. So many people forget to follow their passions. Those that know how must model for others.

    Let’s cross our fingers for health care. I was shocked yesterday to hear a nurse say that health care is the best here in the USA. That is true for those of us who have insurance but what about those who do not?

  2. That is such a great picture, Bonnie.
    And kudos to you, too, for playing like you do and taking risks.

    Your musical friend,

  3. I am happy to hear it went well. I cannot imagine playing the drumset for anyone else -even taking my djembe out in public is a bit frightening but I think about taking it to a big Folklife festival we have in the summer. It would feel better if I were surrounded by others as you are in this picture.

  4. Oh
    I just realized that the link to listen to you playing was there at the top.

  5. Your music is beautiful. Paired with your writing it allows me to see all that goes into performances because you describe the behind-the-scenes process in a way I never thought off.

    Yes, health care-true introspective reform and not just a quick fix!

  6. I loved listening to the clip. Your group sounded GREAT! I see by the expression on your face that you had a great time.

  7. Thanks everyone for checking us out. What fun! And today I am just relaxing, riding back from a good movie, The Yellow Handkerchief, and then a vote on Health Care.

  8. fabulous! The group sounds great. Loved yesterday’s post, too about the frozen yogurt! I’m thinking about my favorite ice cream place.

  9. Great picture! You look like you’re in your element.

    (Not really looking forward to hearing about health care… I hear there were some Pro-Life concessions made on the part of the Democrats.)

  10. You look radiantly beautiful.

  11. I listened to that fabulous clip, right after healthcare reform passed…yes we can! I can see the joy of making music in all your faces…lovely.

  12. Elizabeth

    I echo everyone’s post. Lovely, lovely.
    (And it passed!! Yay!!)


  13. I loved the music, and you look so very happy in that picture 🙂 Well done.

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