HEALTH CARE!: 74/365 Slice#22

I had a Slice for the signs of Spring yesterday, but Spring will have to wait! Yesterday we calculated the day and scheduled a movie, a good one, The Yellow Handkerchief, for early in the afternoon so we could be home to watch the play-by-play to Health Care passage.

For weeks I’ve been wishing that I could be a fly on the wall in the Oval Office or somewhere in the offices of the House, or better yet, working somewhere in this chaos of getting the votes for Health Care.

Instead I’m sitting on my couch watching the talking heads.

But back to reality. We were home by 3:00. Still no vote and I was relieved. Can you imagine if after all this time, we missed it.  We feel like we’ve been on the Health Care road with Barack for since he began over a year ago.

It was a late night.  The TV was on until midnight when the President spoke after the vote victory. We moved to other programs: last week’s Damages, 24 and a fresh 60 Minutes, but our hearts were with the dems making history.

It’s good to wake up this morning with a win for O even though I’m watching Morning Joe continuing to bash him but there are voices on his show standing up. We needed this win.

Bravo Barack. Now let’s move to real education reform and save some teacher jobs, instead of this firing mantra.  We don’t need new schools, we need improved schools.

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8 thoughts on “HEALTH CARE!: 74/365 Slice#22

  1. Kortney

    I felt like the voting should have been posted like scores on ESPN in the corner of every channel.

  2. Lisa

    Great news! I need to do some research and find out exactly what was passed. I felt very un-patriotic today when people wanted me to talk to them about it and I had nothing to add to the conversation.

  3. What a moment that was…after all the hatred and bigotry on display by “the other side”, it was a sweet moment…sort of like watching the events at Grant Park in November of “08. I loved Pelosi’s line about being a woman no longer being a precondition.

  4. I’m with you. Just when they think it’s a done deal, Barack comes through. We needed this victory! Just like social security and medicare, it’s a big lift and worth it for history. Obama and Pelosi came through winners for us!

  5. I need to some reading on what actually passed before i can get excited about it. Some people say that it’s good enough but I don’t know if “good enough” is good enough.

  6. Check out the NY Times editorial over the weekend but there will be lots of information coming… It exists for the first time. Not perfect but it’s a start!

  7. Elizabeth

    WE, too, had smiles on our faces this morning, my husband and I. I loved Paul Krugman’s opinion piece this morning on the differing qualities of the voices on the two sides (one was fear-based, the other was on Let’s Do the Right Thing). I have two children who desperately need this legislation (with pre-existing conditions) and 2 grandchildren who have had health problems and have the same situation. I had written my congressman, but he’s a stubborn “fear-based” sort of guy, and so obviously he voted with the his party. Yes, it’s not perfect. But it’s needed.

    But yay! What a day!


  8. It’s been a long year getting here. I feel like i’ve been moving with Obama in my way and now I can’t wait to watch him sign the bill today.
    Yay for America

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