Signs of Spring:#75/365 Slice #23 #ds126

Sunday challenge: It’s a new season (Spring up north, Fall down south). Make a photograph that illustrates the change. #ds126

This is the way I can confidently know when spring is coming my way. This azalea(correction-forsythia-thanks XD) bush lives right in front of my building and just Sunday, as I walked up my path, I looked right. The Hudson is still totally visible, but as I reached the top of my hill, my bush had these bits of yellow.  I lugged my groceries and bags into and up the stairs. Settled everything in its place and then pulled my camera out of its bag.  I would not wait until later because I’ve learned, you never know what will happen when it comes to weather and tomorrow it could rain and did.

So on the first official day of spring here’s my sign..

Feels good that it arrived with Health Care.

Even though the rains returned yesterday, spring is still here. As this Tuesday begins, the bedroom window is open and I can hear the birds who have come home. Welcome!

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12 thoughts on “Signs of Spring:#75/365 Slice #23 #ds126

  1. We just heard on the news that January was actually warmer than March this year – very odd weather we are having but I also love having the window open and hearing the birds sing.

  2. Same here. It worked well for us to get out of town at the end of February, really good thinking,

  3. We have a purple azalea bush right in front of our door that has a few tiny blooms on it now, but is just about to burst into life. The minute it takes off, I am there with my camera 🙂

  4. Purple that must be gorgeous!

  5. Tracey

    Our forsythia is finally out and the cherry blossoms are on the way.

  6. Cherry B’s. I’m off to DC tomorrow. I hope to fill my camera card with them

  7. Bonnie, I wrote about spring today too. Isn’t it contagious! I can’t wait to see pictures of cherry blossoms. I even thought of driving down to Macon this weekend to see the Cherry Blossom Festival.

  8. Nice Lennye!

  9. When we lived in Washington DC, we’d spend as much time as possible by the Tidal Basin watching the cherry blossoms do their magic. My eldest was a toddler at the time, and one of her favorite things to do was scoop up the petals from the lawn and toss them up into the air…we’d always leave for home with petals clinging to our hair and clothes. I always associate Spring with those memories.

  10. That’s great Tara, I’ll be sharing our adventures there.

  11. Did you call this azalea? It looks like a forsythia. They set their buds in the fall. All winter you can cut twigs and if you put them in a vase of water they will bloom inside after ten days or so. XD

  12. Forsythia-You could be right! Great tips. Thanks, XD!

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