A Long Time Coming: 76/365 Slice #24

A long road to this moment and at 11:15 yesterday, I stopped what I  was doing to sit close to the TV screen and shoot like crazy.  It’s not a perfect shot, it’s not a perfect law, but with some time and revision, health care will be available to everyone.

Feels so good to have this victory of Obama and the country. Feels good, even though I am already dealing with those in my FaceBook set of “friends” who sound like Tea Partyers. Should I delete them for their excessive hatred.  I have already done that for some.  I used to try and engage them in conversation but that didn’t go anywhere.  Sometimes I would find a comment on my status updates and we would go back and forth.  I know we live in a democracy, but the excessive hatred is more than I can deal with.

So, I’m leaving them for now, but waiting to see how hateful they get.  And then reconsider.

On the positive side, we are off to DC today on behalf of our Hudson Valley Writing Project, to meet with congressional aides for their continued support. Now that education reform will be take center stage, it’s time to prepare for that fight to the top.

Should be fun, sharing a hotel room with two cool women. One bathroom?

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10 thoughts on “A Long Time Coming: 76/365 Slice #24

  1. I am not a fan of hate-spewers. I will be honest and say that I am a strong conservative, and not a big fan of the current President. But I would still never spew hate about him. First of all, he is my President, whether I voted for him or not, whether I agree with his policies or not. This may sound corny, but I would take a bullet for him. I believe in that.
    I don’t usually talk politics either way. I don’t pitch a fit when Obama passes legislation I don’t agree with, but at the same time, I don’t taunt the liberals when something they wanted gets shot down either.
    Actually, the somewhat funny thing is… Mike and I have a rule among our group of friends… “no politics, no religion”… because someone always, ALWAYS, gets carried away, overzealous, and offends someone else.

  2. Bonnie – when I saw this on the news I immediately thought of you and knew you would be smiling. enJOY your time with your writing team.

  3. @ Thanks Juliann
    @ifer- What a wonderful way to deal with the other side. Democracy, that’s what whay it should be. Honestly, I wasn’t so respectful of Bush and his policies.

  4. I agree with you – time is to precious to be surrounded by any unnecessary negative people. Hopefully your “friends” will get better, but if not, it might not be worth getting yourself worked up each time you see their comments.

    I can’t believe that the SOLC challenge is almost over either!

  5. Lisa

    50 years from now, people won’t know how American’s ever lived without the health care reforms!

  6. I just finished watching the news with Brian Williams. It’s disgusting what’s happened to members of Congress. 10 have requested extra security. I fear more will have to.

    I hope your day in DC was productive (and that you enjoyed the Bolt bus).

  7. Wanda Brown

    It may just be me but it seems that each time our economy goes down the tubes, the hate gets elevated to a new high. I don’t know if the new health care bill will be what I hope for but I am willing to give it a shot and tweak it along the way.
    Most of the people who are against health care reform seem to have access for themselves. I wonder if they would change their minds if they didnt’ have it.

  8. Elizabeth

    I have waited for this for a long time. If you were reading me last year, you know I have a daughter who has peripartum-cardiomyopathy, an incurable, lifetime disease. Without this bill, she would never be able to get any kind of health insurance, and she’s currently on two big (expensive) drugs to keep her alive. She’s in her early thirties with three small children. I want her to live.

    We need health care, and I’m hoping this is just the start, but given that I see what you see (read Krugman’s article in the NYTimes this week about fear-talk) I don’t know how it’s going to happen.

    This was such as sweet moment!

  9. I believe it was Rachel Maddow who talked sometime ago about the right wing’s goal to delegitimize our President – hence the birthers, the constant carping on Obama’s “weakness” on terror, etc. This hatred is far worse than anything I saw with Clinton…but we did not have Fox news and its misepresentation of the truth then. Beck, Palin and Limbaugh have created an atmosphere of hysteria, and it is going to be very difficult to put this genie back in its bottle. The Republicans have courted the wingnuts thinking they can control them…now they will not step up to call their attack dogs off. This will not end well…and then they will blame the progressives for instigating their hatred.

  10. @Tara sad to say, this is racism. We just got out of a taxi in DC. The cabbie was Hispanic. We talked about the health care law now and he felt comfortable to share his hopes that the bills he still carries from his daughter’s coma at the age of 2 and the high monthly insurance he pays will be dealt with now. It’s hard too, because during the day he drives around rich Republicans who complain that they will have to pay a lot more now. Lots to think about but time will be with us. Already the poll numbers are rising!

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