Big Day In DC: 74/365 Slice#25

We have arrived by the BOLT. No car sickness because I resisted the temptation to open my computer and connect to the web. Tom was on, Andrew was on. Jackie read. Ann took out her new Kindle. Me, I slept and talked on the phone and talked when the others grew tired of their silence.

Once we arrived at Union Station and walked comfortably in the fresh, windless air, we raced up to our rooms with time just to bursh teeth and hang some clothes for tomorrow. Then back out into a cab and off to Farmers and Friends, a popular spot with fresh food.  We spent hours eating and talking and then exhausted, falling into bed with just a quick good-night.

But that’s Jackie and Ann. Me, I’m up.  No TV on out of respect and after a few cups of coffee and my own energy, I read some of The Girl Who Played with Fire and then with more energy, I opened the lid and started clicking here but make sure I had a Slice before a hectic day begins.  Once we leave tomorrow morning, around 7:30 for the Capital area we won’t be back until the early evening.

So here’s my piece for the day…

Enough…let me just pull up a picture. Hang on…

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9 thoughts on “Big Day In DC: 74/365 Slice#25

  1. Good luck with the efforts.

  2. Wanda Brown

    Have a great time…I am a bit envious because you described it all so well!

  3. What a great outing! I look forward to hearing more 🙂

  4. Bonnie, I love finding you in all the photos. Maybe instead of “Where’s Waldo?” we could start a “Where’s Bonnie?” Very cute!

  5. mag

    Or Flat Stanley? I’m listening to Girl Who Played… started with that, librarian tells me this is the sequel, but the pieces to the first are filling in…. Can’t figure where the book is going… yet.

  6. Great picture. Why did you take the Bolt instead of driving? Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, going to bat for the NWP!

  7. Good luck! You sound busy but check out the Newseum if possible… worth the fee and food inside is good. Looking forward to the post about the real work.

  8. Handsome group of people. Have your best time ever.

  9. Elizabeth

    Ah, Bonnie! You are always the winner. I know I’m a day late, but we were traveling yesterday as well and I couldn’t get to my posting as we were visiting with my son. Love the photo–you look integral to that group. Enjoy your day in the city–one of my favorite. My fav place to eat is the cafe in the bottom of the National Gallery of Art, by the cascading fountain. Spectacular vegetarian as well as other offerings.



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