DC Reflections: 76/365 Slice 27

National Writing Project teachers arrived in DC on Wednesday from 46 states  to meet with their senators and representatives. Of course, in reality, most of us met with their very young(20 something) aides  and instead of crying and moaning about the changes in the education reform blueprint of the Obama administration,, we worked to keep the mood was positive and activist and soft, sensitive to their overworked schedule, as the Health Care bill was heading to final passage.

We took to the halls of Congress and spoke as teams, sharing our passions with passionate these passionate staffers working in Washington, not for the big bucks, but for the opportunity  to work in these halls. And even though these young staffers were exhausted , they showed great interest in what we shared and engaged us with questions to deepen their understanding of our work as educators in the National Writing Project.

This was my second year attending this conference and even though we were more excited by Obama’s support last year, we left with a better understanding of the new educational blueprint that will not pass without a deep examination into the implications for our program and others.  And let it be known that if the NWP is wiped away, God forbid, we will not go quietly. We are a force and I am proud to be a member for the NWP.

Arne Duncan, start reading!  We will not stop knocking at your door!

Remember, Mr President,TEACHERS VOTE!

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15 thoughts on “DC Reflections: 76/365 Slice 27

  1. I think the passion in you recognizes the passion in them. XD

  2. Thanks for being there and talking on behalf of all of us NWP teachers (and non-NWP teachers, too). Bending a few ears and shaking a few hands …. sometimes, that’s how work gets done.

  3. Wanda Brown

    Thank you for your committment. Politicians are not teachers. They only know what they are told and all too often they are not told by those in the trenches.

  4. @XD exactly. It would have been nice to meet more of the congressional leaders. We did chat a bit with Maurice Hinchey, but it was wonderful connecting with people passionate about the process of governing in our democracy.
    @Kevin- You have a very savvy group from your WP… One young woman has a Duncan connection and is using it!
    @Wanda- a pleasure. I agree with you and that’s an weakness with Arne Duncan- he is NOT an educator.

  5. mag

    Thirteen Thank Yous to all your team for speaking out for the children! Schools are lost in the shuffle. Thank you again!

  6. @ mag- it was my deep pleasure!

  7. I am glad that you were there to speak for NWP. It was fun to catch a glimpse of your trip.

  8. Thanks Mrs. V,
    I just clicked over to your blog and it looks like we are on the same page in many ways, so I will return for a longer stay,
    For now I’m off to lunch and a movie, but I will return,

  9. molly

    Great job, Bonnie. Good for you!

  10. thanks Molly!

  11. Lisa

    I wouldn’t want to make the teachers mad, if I were Obama. Although, it doesn’t seem to have hurt Bush as much as I would have expected.

  12. I will add my thanks for the work of this group and say that it gives me hope to know that we have educators willing to make this trek and share their passions.

  13. Good work, Bonnie!! It must have been an empowering experience to be there with people who care and are willing to advocate for what matters. Keep us posted! I think I will set up a separate, non teaching blog in which to write every day, as you do – such cool people to stay in touch with once the March slices come to an end.

  14. Thanks for representing teachers. It is tough budget times and (some) programs do have to be cut or modified, but we want our legislators to know what is really working. Like you wrote, they are often unaware.

  15. I think Arne knows that we are a force to be reckoned with! Keep up the good work.

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