Feelin’ Good, Back Home: 75/365 Slice 26

Presenting the NWP’s New York delegation of teachers and a student, interested in keeping the N in NWP.  We spent most of yesterday talking with New York congressional aides for senators and congressmen.  We shared the NWP data and research and our stories of classroom success and teacher excitement at the work of our local sites.

It was a glorious day inside and out and along with our success came the last required votes in the Senate and House to see Health Care become the law of the land.

All of our taxi cab drivers were cheering along with us.

And now… at 9?30 PM, after a full blow of Tuvia’s world-fanous chicken soup, I bid you a fond, good-night.


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4 thoughts on “Feelin’ Good, Back Home: 75/365 Slice 26

  1. Hey, I see some people I know, in that picture! 😀 (Hi, Nancy and Felicia!) Sounds like it was a great trip. Hopefully, you got through to our representatives. Thanks for going to bat for all of us!

  2. What a blast! My pleasure and honor Nancy.

  3. Wherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Bonnie?!?

  4. sweet dreams

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