Where do I Start?: 77/365 Slice#28

Here’s a change of pace. I didn’t shoot this  photo but it’s the only one that can showcase this Slice.

I am totally caught in THE GIRL books.  When I found out that all the movies (3) of the series have been made and with the same cast, especially THE GIRL I was breathless with anticipation.

Last week the first movie opened in the US. It’s been around for a year outside America.  I could have talked Tuvia into seeing it last weekend, but I knew that it would make its way up here and yes, in fact we were able to see it last night at the Burns, the perfect place for it.

We bought our tickets online and good thing. Even getting there 45 mintues early, before the theater was open, both evening performances were sold out. I got the seats, Tuvia went across the street for  the coffee at the Dunkin’ D. and I settled in, waiting…

Last week Lynne, my LA movie bud saw it and reported back that it was violent but worthwhile. So I was prepared to look away.  I had seen the poster of THE GIRL (Noomi Rapace’) and heard an NPR interview with her and her director and both sounded great. I was so ready to see it.

Almost finished with book two, I am trying hard to wait for Tuvia to catch up to me. After a few long evenings of reading well beyond my sleep time, I am so hooked with these characters.

So the movie looked great!  The visuals of place and the sound of the Swedish language added so much to the my own mind pictures and the characters in the movie also work well with my own visual especially THE GIRL.

BUT…the book is the book and the rich details of life are the treasures offered by the writer, who sadly never lived to see the success of the books or movies from his work.

The screenwriter was challenged by the size and scope of the book to select the material for 2 and 1/2 hours.  He opted for the thriller plotline, leaving the book to fill in the life gaps- the day-to-day coffee, the world of the village, Mihael’s inner life, his work, actually him.  Bobby recently shared something interesting in our film class- when the title of a movie is a person’s name, that character is probably someone new to us- THE GIRL, with her tattoos, piercings, computer hacking- she is someone new to us.

THE GIRL the center of the movie… in the book… she shares the stage.

I would guess that most of the audience had also read the book and were fans like me.  I wonder what my experience would have been like if I came to the movie fresh.  THE GIRL is fantastic and story is thrilling, so I like I would have liked it, but the book is, well, a wonderful reading experience and I am so glad I still have more to look forward to.  The third and sadly, last one arrives on my Kindle on May 21. I’ll be ready.

We just have a few more days of Slicing. Who will continuing?  Tara?  Let me know and let’s keep sharing, even if it’s not every day!

Now I am off to shop.  I have a pot roast to make for Passover. Enjoy your Sunday!


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13 thoughts on “Where do I Start?: 77/365 Slice#28

  1. Wanda Brown

    I cannot think of one movie that has done justice to a book. I think it is why I like movies when I have not read the book. I have not read this series you write about but you certainly have planted a seed.

  2. That’s great Wanda. Keep me posted.

  3. You have also made me want to read the books. I went on Amazon to see the books that you were talking about and I realized that it is the same books that my teaching partner has been reading. I am sure she will loan them to me.

    I will continue to do Slice of Life Posts. I am not sure how often. My mom still wants me to slice everyday because she has been enjoying them. I know that at minimum I will do the Tuesday slice of life posts. I used to only do it every once in a while, but after being able to keep up with a daily slice, I can see there would be no excuse to not at least do the Tuesday posts. Especially with summer coming up I will try to do a few times a week.

  4. I am intrigued! I had heard the interview on”Morning Edition” and was curious about the whole concept. Well, now I shall have to make it to Barnes for a copy and begin discovering it for myself. By the way, have you checked out “Eat Drink Man Woman”? it reminded me of my favorite:”Babette’s Feast”…fabulous movie! And yes…I’m setting up a non-teaching oriented blog so that I can have the pleasure of Slicing away a few times a week…it is so much fun to hear about everyone’s experiences and thoughts in this big,wide open world..reminds me of Virginia Wool’s quote:” I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out; and I thought how it is worse, perhaps, to be locked in.” Let’s NOT be locked in!

  5. mag

    I’ve started with the second and will have to regress to the dragon tattoo. I’m ready, though. I’m listening to it on audio and will have to browse a copy at Borders to see how some of these names are spelled.
    And now I’ll search out the movie- af ter I’m done with the first.
    This pic looks very much the way I picture her – although she divests of many of her adornments in #2.

  6. molly

    Always glad to get reading suggestions.
    One movie that did credit to the book was *The Remains of the Day*. Totally different genre, of course…

  7. I’ll have to check out the books. Like you, I don’t know of any book that is done justice in a movie. However, I LOVED Seabiscuit.

  8. You have given me the impetus to start this book that’s been on my floor bedside for months!

  9. Lisa

    I’ve never even heard of this book! I have added it to my ever-growing wish list. (I have a list of 7 that I have collected just this month from the slicers!)

    “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” is the only movie I can ever remember seeing that stayed true to the book. They always leave too much out! it annoys me when they add things that weren’t in the book too. “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult was a fabulous book, horrible movie.

  10. Bonnie, can you give more details on this book. I can’t find it on Amazon. It is called THE GIRL, right?

  11. @ Lennye- It’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg-Larsson


  12. My favorite part is “BUT…the book is the book and the rich details of life are the treasures offered by the writer, who sadly never lived to see the success of the books or movies from his work.” It’s my favorite because books do have so much to offer beyond the movie and the mind pictures that we create are often treasured more than what we see in the movie.

    I’ll still be posting on my blog, stuff about my life and class funnies.

  13. Thanks for the review. I’ll put this on my list of movies to see.

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