Still Time: 79/365 SOLC #30

If we were in Israel right now we would have had a great seder last night and that would be that. Still more days of Passover but in Israel, in The Land, that’s all. But in the Diaspora, we need two and hope that next year, Jerusalem.  That’s the message from ancient times, when Jews had been expelled from Israel.

But I enjoy having two nights of seder.  There’s still time to make matzo balls for Tuvia’s chicken soup.  But I’m patiently waiting to finish my pot roast before I clean out the pot and get going with the mb’s…

Last night I was with my family and tonight with Tuvia’s, a much smaller affair and that’s okay too.

So, I’m off to get going…

Happy Holidays…Hag Sameach.

One more day of Slicing… I will miss you!


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6 thoughts on “Still Time: 79/365 SOLC #30

  1. I know very little about this tradition but it always makes me happy to know that you are keeping these pieces of history and faith alive in your families. I have so enjoyed slicing with you again Bonnie.

  2. When I was in college, my best friend would take me to her house for Passover. We were put to work immediately, and i spent many happy hours preparing food, setting the table, and enjoying their boisterous, opinionated family. When it came time to read from the Haggadah (a “socialist haggadah” my friends father would stress with great pride, “for the workers of the world”) I always had a turn. I loved Passover at Alice’s house. Even though I am not Jewish, I always felt connected to some ancient tie that binds us all. Those were beautiful evenings. Enjoy your celebration tonight, Bonnie!

  3. Happy holidays.

  4. One of the most moving things I’ve ever been a part of was a Seder. I found the tradition and history very enlighting. Have a Blessed Day.

  5. I also do not know as much about this tradition, but I have loved catching glimpses of it through a few of the SOLS posts.

    I keep on meaning to say that I love seeing your big, beautiful pictures each day. I am impressed that you are able to change it daily!

  6. For our second seder tonight, we decided to skip the Haggadah reading and just have a conversation with each other. I felt a little weird about it but I won’t complain about being able to dig into the charoset and the gefilte fish right away!! When my father proposed skipping the reading, I thought of what you wrote about only the first night being done in Israel and told him that. That cinched it for him! Chag sameach!

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