April 1st over the River: 81/365

After beginning each morning in March with a Slice of Life, I began this post with my intro line that looks a bit naked. For the last hour I was up reading lots of blog posts written by Slicers  on our last day.  I left lots of farewell comments and I was feeling sad.

So, I picked myself up, made the bed, poured a cup of coffee and moved into the living room as the sun was just beginning to pour in I grabbed my trusty, working camera, ran out to my balcony and clicked to capture what transports me  on the first day of April, on my first day of spring.  The windows are open, the birds are back and singing, well chirping at the moment, and the air smells spring!

I remember the drives to school on April 1sts. I loved the coming of spring in school. Yes, my 8th grade boys started jumping out of their skin-for baseball and girls, discovering them as females, but I couldn’t stop smiling no matter what came my way.

Today will be the same.  I have gym time with Anthony, I have lunch scheduled with my book club and now that I’m deeply engaged with The Girl, who has a  Dragon Tattoo and Plays with Fire. I have something to share. Characters in books I feel passionate about.

Later there’s dinner with Tuvia and good friends and then a weekend to plan.

It should be a great day and I’m going to do everything I can to keep smiling and remembering this moment of sunshine over the Hudson.

Welcome to April’s Nablopomo challenge.


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3 thoughts on “April 1st over the River: 81/365

  1. Tell us more about characters you feel passionate about.

  2. Love that view! I know what you mean about Spring days in school..we were back JUST for today (snow day make-up) and I had four kids in my morning class, and seven in the afternoon. So..we went outside to read, write poetry and do cartwheels. It was such a good way to begin April!

  3. Yes, it’s spring and I am so ready. As for The Girl books, it’s hard to talk about them without giving too much away. THe Girl is a new character- a computer hacker who looks very much like a modern girl with piercings and tattoos but under the surface, how. She leaves you breathless and the more you learn about her the more you want to know. And for the other characters, they are more familiar but as a full set it’s a wonderful world to get into. I am almost at the end of book 2 and I’m trying to slow down, but it’s not working…

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