Walking in Ridgewood: 83/365

Tuvia and I were just out walking in Ridgewood, New Jersey yesterday.  I had my camera in a new camera bag slung across my shoulder, just breathing and walking and enjoying the weather, in fact, I was wishing that I had left my leather jacket back in the car.

As we got close to the corner where the post office sculpture of a mailman always catches my attention, I noticed that the supporters of] Lydon LaRouche were back with new posters and a new focus of attention.  The last time we saw them they were campaigning for Bush’s impeachment, but now, they have moved to Obama.

I pulled out my camera because I wanted to ignore them.  Tuvia, took them on.  I couldn’t help wondering why a black woman felt it was okay to paint Obama with a Hitler mustache.  I know, that’s stereotyping.  There was a moment in time when a Jew(Lieberman) was running for VP and I tried to look away from his failings.

I didn’t say anything.  I didn’t agree with their thinking when they were here talking against Bush.  I was never a Bush supporter, but their arguments were absurd. But now they were going after my guy.  I held back and watched  other walkers take them on with a brush of their hand.  They were with us and that felt good.

On the way back, Tuvia wanted to spend more time with them. I wanted a few more photos.  We stopped.  Tuvia was smiling. They called us “professionals” no, no, “voyeurs” What?  I went crazy! ” You should be ashamed of yourselves. This photo of Obama is an OBAMINATION!

Tuvia grabbed me away as one screamed, John Kennedy is turning over in his grave! I was sick about this image.  Good thing I have never been around for a Tea Party  protest. I can’t be cool when it comes to politics.

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6 thoughts on “Walking in Ridgewood: 83/365

  1. Wow
    It’s hard to know what to say, but I am glad you said something.

  2. It’s not that I don’t have my issues with Obama and politics over ed reform but these extremists worry me, A LOT!

  3. But you can’t change the mind of extremists – their vision is very narrow.

  4. @ Absolutely right Susan. That’s why it was easier to use my camera and then get away from them before I went crazy! I agree!
    How’s spring for you?

  5. My goodness…you were in Ridgewood – that’s MY town! These kooks are here off and on…like most tea party people, they don’t live here or speak for the town’s residents. There have been many altercations – but this is part of our first amendment rights, and most of us treat this eyesore in the same way as we do dog droppings – AVOIDANCE!

  6. @Freaky Tara. Tuvia lives right down the road in Paramus. We walk in Ridgewood all the time. Maybe we passed each other?

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