Sun-Starved: 88/365 P5, SOLT


We share a walk to the pier with
Crowds hungry for sunshine

Dogs leashed and unleashed
Children racing at the edge
Couples meandering
Cyclists searching for their rhythm

All of us sun-starved after a last-minute
Winter surge in a tormenting March

Finally shorts, sandals and tees

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13 thoughts on “Sun-Starved: 88/365 P5, SOLT

  1. Wow, Bonnie, I love your words. You captured the scene with powerful images. My heart understands.

  2. Morning Ruth,
    Thanks for your comments. I am taking up this poem-a-day challenge. I am out of my comfort zone so thanks for you encouragement.
    Good to have a new challenge for April,
    I’m missing SOLC for March

  3. Bonnie,
    You do a great job with your poetry. I’m very impressed. Poetry scares me, but you are encouraging me to consider writing my own.

  4. Thanks Lennye,
    I am surprised to get comments like yours. I am honestly just playing. You can DO IT TOO!
    Let me know when you have something up.

  5. This one resonates with me – we had just enough sunshine yesterday that folks were out in flip flops and shorts. Now it is raining again.

  6. I hear you Juliann,
    It’s cloudy here. No rain yet. Please, NO RAIN!

  7. Bonnie-
    I love the title because that is exactly how I was feeling. You really captured the feeling in this photo. Bravo!

  8. Thanks Caroline,
    Can’t wait to visit your blog, but now I need to get off this couch and get back out into the sunshine.

  9. Lisa

    The picture and poem are a perfect match for each other.

  10. mag

    loved sun starved and cyclists searching for their ryhthm…. as we all are after a long winter in NE

  11. What a neat challenge! You met it brilliantly with the vivid images your words evoked.

  12. Very peaceful, it evokes me to peace.

  13. Thanks Stacey, Mag, OX and Lisa,
    I’m off to a motivated start now.

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