Almost: 89/365 Poem #6


After watching Greenberg in the theater’s darkness
We stepped out with heavy hearts
Into parking lot darkness

Surrounded by harried car owners
desperate to grab a parking space (any space)
and bolt inside.

The driver in a black Chevy Cruiser- Caravan
Sat in wait near the end of row G32.
I pointed out our Ford Escape.
He gave me a thumbs up.

Tuvia was walking to my left
in the Chevy’s lane.

The black Chevy reversed and blasted backward.

I jumped right and turned left.
“Tuvia! “
The brakes squealed..

Still standing untouched,
I didn’t trust my eyes.
and grabbed for his flesh.

We sat shaken in the Escape
and Tuvia gingerly navigated home.

I am still remembering.

In my midnight darkness
I call “ Tuvia !”


In daylight,
In my condo’s parking lot,
The almost didn’t happen
And that’s what counts.

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5 thoughts on “Almost: 89/365 Poem #6

  1. Wow, I like this best, probably for your ability to take us to the emotion of it.
    You reminded me of my sister keening when she thought her husband was trapped upside down in his kayak.

  2. Beautifully done. You pulled me in.

  3. Thanks XO and Susan. What a great challenge and support.

  4. Yikes!
    Every time I see a picture of your parking lot there follows a tale of Car-ma.

  5. Wow. My stomach was aching. Powerful writing about a scary-scary moment. So glad all’s well.

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