Time for a Pivot: 90/365 Poem #8

Time for a Pivot

Two weeks ago I was
Bolting to DC to help keep the “N” in NWP!
And covered in cameras,
Prepared to move out of my digital comfort zone.

On the streets, in NWP conference sessions,
In the halls of the Longworth building halls
And in cramped congressional offices.
With our site team, with the New York delegation,
With the larger NWP community,
I filled three Mini Dv’s
Three full hours

I was confident that I had a story,
Somewhere in all that digital tape,


Back home
I downloaded, I watched, I edited,
I reconnected with Final Cut Pro software
On my Apple Store stool guided by Tom,
During Personal Projects.

I resisted playtime
With a brand new Ipad
just waiting for my touch
I was firm,
Using Apple earbuds
To block out distractions.

Last night,
Back in Doc class,
I continued to
Cut and pare down
my digital fragments,

And when Bobby, Doc guru,
Saddled up next to me
Glanced into my
Computer screen and
Gently remarked
“Remember, this story is your story.”

I responded,
My story?  Sure.
But where am I?

I was missing.

For the next three hours
I was in healthy turmoil
But didn’t know it

I watched a student film across the street
At the Burns theater,
And chatted with class members,

Yes, I was ready for a pivot…

Israel on Monday morning,
Tuvia and I would walk on the Tel Aviv beach
Ripe for a my story

I can see it…

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7 thoughts on “Time for a Pivot: 90/365 Poem #8

  1. Nancy

    Back to the motherland! I’m envious. Enjoy! Looking forward to stories & pictures as usual.

  2. You bet Nancy. Remember our marathon conversations, just before Alice arrived?

  3. Israel…. a place I have always longed to visit. Someday, when I am independently wealthy, Mike and I are going to travel the world and go to all the places that we both want so much to see.

  4. Can’t wait to see all your adventures in Isreal. Your pictures make me feel like I’m there with you.

  5. Thanks Lennye and Ifer,
    I will send photos and I’ll be working on a documentary piece as well. Exciting

  6. Have a wonderful trip! My friend Mopsy just returned from a month of visiting and taking care of her dad, also in Tel Aviv … and she’s already ready to head back.

    I love that you’re doing poems all month, too!

  7. I’m ready to enjoy.

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