Packing: 91/365 Poem #9

The Packing Process

Empty bags to start
The packing process begins again.

I promise myself
to keep it light.
Just summer clothes and tech equipment
for 9 April days and nights
enjoying Israel in its late spring.

Simple, yes?

And no…

Building the first layers,
With Martha Stewart
Smiling just above my shoulder
I roll up new Gap shorts in:  midnight navy, soft coral and icy lilac.
Then add a thin layer of sporty sleeveless shells from Modell’s
with tags still to be clipped.
White Nikes,trimmed in pink, are bagged and scrunched on opposite sides,
And there’s still lots of room for
familiar favorites and the simple basics
I lift this large piece easily to test.


In those remaining packing moments
I begin to grab this top, that pair of black pants,
an extra pair of shoes
a hard-covered book.

I can’t stop myself
I know I should
I need freedom of choice.

My bags are just downstairs,
bulging with weight.
I  will add my guitar, my computer and cameras
And that carefree traveling image I crave
Will continue to allude me.

I am still not ready to sacrifice choice
For “the look”.

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7 thoughts on “Packing: 91/365 Poem #9

  1. Delightful. love this one.

  2. Love it! And it definitely resonates with me. I used to be able to travel anywhere for any length of time wtih just one carry-on bag. I lost that art years ago … and then forced myself to relearn it when I went to Jamaica for the first time. I fluctuate between travel-light-girl and the queen of over-packing. There’s just always one more thing to bring, isn’t there?!

  3. Yes – sounds very familiar. And I love the image of Martha looking over your shoulder.

  4. I love this – one bag…traveling light and free, filled with a joyous spirit, no doubt. Safe travels!

  5. Ah yes, I know the feeling!

  6. My bags are officially packed now. The big one is overflowing the carry on is comfortable and filled with fun and tech equipment. Perfect.

  7. Resonated with me – you can feel the rhythm of the poem change as the frenzy begins. Happy travels.

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