My 3rd Arm: 92/365 Poem #10

My Third Arm

Where’s my third arm
when I need it?

The sky is a mysterious, blue-black-white-black-blue
At 7AM on my ride up to New Paltz

Will it last as I speed closer and closer
To “the” spot
That continues to elude me?

I could have put my arm
In the passenger seat before
I started driving
But at least it’s not in the trunk.

I can see it’s reflection in my rear view
On the back seat, tempting but
I can’t grab it

I spontaneously move  my Prius
to the right shoulder
I unbuckle and
Reach with my entire
Body for it.

Ready, battery charged
Empty memory card
I have lost the gray
But there’s now blues.

Arm, hold me steady
As I click away and capture
The Spot without
Leaving my seat.

I won’t know for sure
until I can upload.
But with that extra
support, I’m smiling,

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4 thoughts on “My 3rd Arm: 92/365 Poem #10

  1. Beautiful shot. Is this poem an ode to your IPad?

  2. Not yet. My camera has that place. Ipad…time will tell.

  3. I love that moment when the gray morphs into blue, and the stanza where your urgency to capture the moment becomes a physical tug. Your clean. spare lines are marvelously evocative. I’ve been savoring the poem about Tuvia’s near-miss as well, and find that same ability to capture so much with just the right words. Boy…are you ever good!

  4. Tara, thanks so much for your careful reading and your supportive response. I am not in my comfort zone in this medium, and your words really motivate me.

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