Back Home?:94/365 Poem #12 SOLT

It’s Familiar:
We arrive at Ben Gurion Airport,
Line up for Passport Control,
Lift our waiting luggage off the carousel marked flight CO1672
Wave to the waiting crowd
Ride in Ami’s car along the highway into Tel Aviv,
Lunch in Neve Tzedek
Unpack at Sea Suites
Change into sandals, shorts and tees.

But until we taste the sea,
We aren’t home.

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11 thoughts on “Back Home?:94/365 Poem #12 SOLT

  1. I hope, by now, that you’ve gotten out to the beach and are enjoying. ENJOY!

  2. Ooh, I said “enjoy” twice. Yipes. It’s a little after 2 a.m. here in PA. Better head to bed!

  3. Yesterday- Banana Beach for pita and humus and the sea.

  4. Annie

    Beautiful picture! Have a wonderful time. Eat a Jaffa orange for me!

  5. When I read that line, until we taste the sea, I could smell the ocean. Enjoy your time

  6. What a fabulous picture! I wish I could taste the sea. Very poetic.

  7. lovely. you say so much with these few words.

  8. Beautiful!!!

  9. I loved this post. I always love reading about traveling, especially feeling like being “back home”. I love how you did your slice in verse – perfect for the month of April.

    Enjoy your trip!

  10. Have a wonderful trip! I think you’ve made everyone wish they could join you at the beach.

  11. But until we taste the sea,
    We aren’t home.

    The sensory weight of ‘tasting the sea’ is so lovely. I know you’ve already tasted, know you and Tuvia made that traditional stop for humus and pita. Wonderful.

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