Jet Lag: 95/365 Poem #14

Jet Lag

Let me go.
I thought I was rid of you tonight.
In bed and deeply asleep by 9:30
I could hear Tuvia rise, tortured by you.
And I slept, smiling.
A winner

But soon, in the next room,
the TV went dark,
And Tuvia was back sweetly snoring

And I was up!
Up! And it was only
2:15 am.

I tried to fight back
With eyes clamped down tight,
But no, the sweats began to conspire with you
And soon I was losing…

And now with my lit computer screen as my guide to
The dark side,
It’s still darkness inside and out
As waves crash below.

How will I be able to welcome sunrise?

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One thought on “Jet Lag: 95/365 Poem #14

  1. Jet lag can be painful. Sending blessings of sweet sleep to both of you.

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