Pursuing the Elusive: 97/365 Poem #16

Pursuing the Elusive

Where’s the story
that’s eluding me?

Here in Israel
it should be easy.

A set of celebrations
will arrive just before
we pack to leave for home.

There’s certainly a story
to write.

I have my cameras poised.
Panasonic for video,
Nikon D60 for stills,
A digital voice recorder
for clear sound.

And we have been at it,
Maybe it’s buried somewhere
in tape

Tomorrow begins Israeli
Celebrations to motivate
my memory banks.

Maybe I’m just thinking too much.

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2 thoughts on “Pursuing the Elusive: 97/365 Poem #16

  1. Mmm … that’s a tough one, Bonnie. I struggle with it too: so ready to create, but that little spark of magic eludes. But you keep creating even though that one particular spark stays just out of reach!

  2. It will come. Oh my is that the most beautiful picture, or what?

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