Rabin’s Square: 98/365 Poem #17

Rabin’s Square

We travel by foot
dressed for a outdoor concert.
I have my cameras and
Tuvia, a bottle of water.

Arriving early,
we all find seats
as crowds of mourners
join us to remember
the war dead
at the place where
Yitzhak Rabin was struck down.

We wait until 9
when the sirens blare
as the crowd stands
as one in silence
and the memorial concert

Israeli singers, poets,
interviews of surviving mothers and fathers
on large video screens
force us out of our todays.
We are bombarded
as memories flood in.

Back at our hotel
Tuvia sleeps beside me
to the silence of the streets
as Yom Ha Zikaron ushers in official
time to bring the dead to the our

Just before he drifts off
Tuvia whispers a memory of
a young soldier Uri, under his command
fit for battle in the morning and
by early evening returned
for Tuvia’s signature on his
certificate of death.

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8 thoughts on “Rabin’s Square: 98/365 Poem #17

  1. Wow
    Such power, and that last stanza really stands out, Bonnie. Maybe it is because I have met Tuvia, but you bring a larger event to something very personal.

  2. Thanks Kevin,
    I always appreciate your close read. Feel free to always offer suggestions.

  3. I dont comment on poetry very often, because in many ways it seems more like I am invading in someone’s private thoughts. I read your poems every day, and as I often do with poetry, I enter the poem’s room, read the words, and quietly walk out, making sure to quietly close the door behind me so as not to disturb the delicate beauty that is a poem.
    That being said, I had to comment today, because that last stanza is so immensely powerful. I agree with Kevin, it stands out.

  4. Thanks so much for reading and enjoying. It’s great having such a respectful reader.

  5. I think the power is that you brought a large event down to the personal – it is the personal that makes things real.

  6. Bonnie,
    I’m drawn to the faces in your photograph today. Everyone seems so at peaceful.

  7. @Susan and Lennye-
    I’ve been taking on the poetry challenge this month but this one stopped me in my tracks, as did the event. I couldn’t touch it with the next day of joy, not yet, but for my film class I’m working on a movie about my relationship with Tuvia and Israel and this event may take me to the climax somehow as I read your comments and download the film I got.
    Thanks so much,

  8. Lisa

    Sounds like a lovely evening.

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