No More River: 99/365 Poem 22

I’ve been poem-blocked
for the last few days.

Jet Lagging,
Tearing from the blooms

Where’s my RIVER?

It was there,
right in front of me
when I left 8 days ago.

And now,
how can I complain,
A FOREST explodes
filling the empty space.

It’s still rolling
below me,
but now I have to
walk a bit to see her.

come October
when this waking forest
returns to sleep
and winter returns
the emptiness

She will warm my spirits
Until the trees explode in their spaces

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5 thoughts on “No More River: 99/365 Poem 22

  1. This is on an unrelated note, but I wanted to tell you that I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (what is so odd about that is that I almost NEVER read books recommended by people I have never met!), and wow. I mean, wow. I don’t even like murder mystery books, but by the second or third chapter, I was so hooked, I HAD to know what happened. I just finished it yesterday, and I already have the next one purchased and started…. good reading!

  2. Yes! @ Ifer. What a reading/movie experience. So glad to hear you are in the crowd now. Last one arrives here on May 25th.

  3. Breathtaking photo.
    I like the poem too. I am sending your url to a poet friend.

  4. Susan van Gelder

    What a heavenly photo – and so true about the curtain of nature closing off our long views.

  5. @ OX and Susan thanks so much for the support and feedback,

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