Friday Funeral: 100/365 Poem #24

Friday Funeral

Words escape me
as I sit in an unfamiliar
house of worship
and bore
into the backs of
his family,
and her family.

One by one, they
share intimate memories,
raw and naked,
exposed to a community
who cry along,
itching to applaud,
scream out,
embrace them.

I want to bolt from the sanctuary
as the families leave
behind the rolling coffin.

Tuvia deftly directs
me through the crowd
to get to Madlyn
for al connection
I need probably more,
than she does.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Funeral: 100/365 Poem #24

  1. Touching poem.
    Nice to see sumac after many years away from it.

  2. Now I only see beyond that. It was hard to find a photo for that poem. It was strange for me to watch someone taking lots of photos in the church during the service.

  3. Susan van Gelder

    Powerful poem – and a good choice of image. In times of loss we need to draw our inspiration from nature.

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