Returning to Normal: 101/365 P#26 SOLT

Returning To Normal

Yesterday, with rain outside
I returned to normal inside.

I removed my guitar
from its case
and warmed when my fingers
found their frets
without a page of music.

I began after my break
with something familiar,
Song of the Thief.

I listened with fresh ears,
trying to savor every chord
and enjoy every note.

I played it through once,
and then again.
I clicked on my Slow Downer software,
and fragmented my practice,
playing along with David Russell,
a professional.

Why don’t I practice more?
Once I take up my guitar,
feel it in my hands,
put my fingers on the strings
and press down with my calloused tips,
I am flying.

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8 thoughts on “Returning to Normal: 101/365 P#26 SOLT

  1. I bet you are a songwriter. Lovely.

  2. I’m not Annie, but I love sound of other composers.

  3. Bonnie, what a lovely poem. I love the way with free verse poems the words seem to align themselves as you express your emotions. Your line “…and warmed/when my fingers/ found their frets/without a page of music” really linked the whole experience to reconnecting with your interior self. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Dawn,
    I have been enjoying just using the poetic form to play with fewer words. It has a freeing feeling.

  5. I am really missing practicing my drums while I give my arm time to heal – it has become such a part of my routine this year and the absence leaves a big hole

  6. I love the fewer words and how connceted and cohesive the end result is.

  7. Thanks, me too! I think I might stay with this form.

  8. I’ve been thinking about taking up the guitar. I tried it 18 summers ago and was terrible with it… but that was 18 years ago.

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