Dry: #102/365 P#28


I don’t have anything else to write,
and what photos work with

For a good chunk of this month,
I was wealthy-
one subject after the next
appeared in my mind and
words flooded the page
as I grabbed them all
and played with them
until something that looked
like a poem was ready to
live alongside an image.

Day after day
I wrote
and I was read
in a flash
by writers in my online communities
who never left my space
without leaving something behind
for me to chew on.

But somewhere in the second half of April,
as we began to pack for home
I was caught
in warring time zones
and lost my anchor
and my mind did what it
could to adjust.

I tried to remain calm
As I re-entered my
Hudson reality
and during a 3 a.m.
wake up
I was visited by the
Ghost of the Moment,
who reminded me that
ideas are right here
in these moments
that drop upon

And I shut my eyes in the darkness
and let my mind open
to the unresolved subjects
not yet ready to be born
still too raw to leave the womb,

But I see
Paul Connolly, who led
and inspired writers at Bard
to push,
gently push,
them out
because they are
our essence.

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3 thoughts on “Dry: #102/365 P#28

  1. OMG this is so beautiful. It makes me tear. Thank you.

  2. What a beautiful thought… the debate about whether to allow those thoughts to germinate until they bloom on their own, or whether to prod them along and take on more of the role of a creator….
    This is beautiful.

  3. “I was visited by the Ghost of the moment”…I loved that line. I don’t think you were dry!

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