I’m Back: 105/365

I was away for a week
and I wondering if anyone
in my cyber community noticed.

I just stopped
after a month of
writing poems almost every day
and enjoying it.

But on May 1st,
even with a new event and a fresh supply
of photos from our Summer Institute Orientation,
I didn’t wake up on Sunday mornin.g and
click around for a photo to share with writing

I turned off,
Shut down,
Went private.

Yes, something was missing,
but I let it go
and this past week was
without this usual public sharing here.

And now I’m back,
and it feels good.

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11 thoughts on “I’m Back: 105/365

  1. molly

    That’s a lovely photo. I thought it must be clouds or water for just a moment.
    I’m glad you’re back.

  2. I did notice, and was hoping you would be back soon 🙂 Welcome back

  3. Welcome
    A respite is always a good thing.

  4. I missed you and I had just given your url to a friend who is a poet. Turns out she is very busy right now anyway.

    Hope your respite left you as refreshed as this photo.

  5. Karen

    Of course I noticed – but I also know that I sometimes need to become invisible to regain strength for my body and mind. Figured you might be just storing up strength in your silence!

    • It was so strange for go silent, Karen, but for sure you are right on, I needed it and didn’t realize it until I had left it behind.

  6. Susan van Gelder

    Sometimes we need that down time to let the muse replenish. Welcome back.

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