Shhh… : 106/365

I have a secret.
Tuvia loves to usher in the
with his hands in the dirt.

I force him to wait until
Mother’s Day before
we take a field trip
to Home Depot
for the small pots of babies
that he will welcome to my
winter-dead flower boxes.

What joy,
when I surprised him
yesterday with a plan
to take a ride, this year,
to Lowes instead.

We filled a shopping cart
with small pots of orange-yellows,
new green flower boxes,
and a big bag of potting soil.

He was salivating
to get back home,
change into shorts
and get rid of winter
(my job).

In the hour that followed,
I answered
a conference call inside,
while he
played in the dirt
on the porch.

But here’s the secret.
Yes, the new flower boxes
look great, don’t you think?
But beneath your eye level,
the babes are holding on,
lying in wait for
Dana, the true green thumb,
who will arrive on Monday morning
and revise Tuvia’s work.
She will add soil,
reposition the plants
and anchor them firmly
in the earth.

Remember, this is our secret.
Tuvia can’t know that
he doesn’t have a green thumb
when it comes to the earth.

His hands were made for humans.

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2 thoughts on “Shhh… : 106/365

  1. Lynn Jacobs

    Such a loving deception. I love your poetry Bonnie. Lynn

  2. Thank You LYNN!

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