The Last Saturday: 107/365

The Last Saturday

Driving up the Taconic Parkway
at 8AM
in a bit of drizzle and wind
Am I moving in the right direction?

In my driving hour
Bonnie Raitt serenades me,
as I flesh out a seed of an idea
planted during my morning shower.

Yes, my Google/Julie directions are correct
as I exit Route 82 south,
slow down for two right turns, a left and then
count ten houses on Granola Drive
where my parking spot at the end of a line of 8 cars
waits for me to
fill it,
blocking all others.

Julie welcomes me collected,
while her husband
remains upstairs with their
6 year-old and recently turned one, twins.

At the kitchen table our team
Nibbles on homemade quiche,
brewed coffee
and deserts. From Jenn
visioning my new bathing suit,
it’s just coffee for me.

We are without our laptops
As we consider what our year together
brought us as everyone remembers
why we gave up 10 Saturday mornings
of sleep and family to drag our bodies
into a college computer lab.

And should we continue?
A resounding YES!
From the seven of ten around the table,
with my shower seeds fleshed out
in the next hour.
I continue to marvel
at the power of collaboration
as we commit to another year
and a week-long summer conference
for our journey together,
deeper into the Web.

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2 thoughts on “The Last Saturday: 107/365

  1. Intriauing insight into your life and mind. : )

  2. Tom Meyer

    What a beautiful picture! Sounds like a great breakfast and an even better year. Thanks for sharing the poetic summary!


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