RIding, Just Riding: 108/365 SOLT

Riding, Just Riding

Over the mountain
for Mother’s Day
I couldn’t help but
for a photo, two
for a memory, two, three.

In the sunshine,
I remember
my life riding
44/55 over the mountain.

No cars behind,
Nn cars in front to ruin my rhythm.
I know every turn,
every straightaway.
I don’t jerk the brake.

And just before the 209 intersection
with the last panoramic view on my right,
there’s one last perfect spot to pause
and glance to the left up to a mountain road
where I was initiated
into womanhood.

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4 thoughts on “RIding, Just Riding: 108/365 SOLT

  1. Where were you headed once you left the intersection?

  2. Lisa

    What a memory!

  3. Bonnie-
    I always enjoy your photos. They are inspiring.

  4. @ Stacey-On my way to Ellenville, NY
    @ Lisa, it’s so much fun writing in poetry.
    @ Caroline- thanks. Love that camera. This coming weekend, a photo workshop with a great friend.

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