My iPad Is Here: 110/365

iPad Mania

I was holding off,
waiting for reviews,
waiting for the 3G model,
watching others play at the store
and I didn’t order one to arrive
on the first day out.

I resisted,
and refused to get on the line again.

The 3G arrived on a Friday,
I checked in on Sunday
and filled out a Notify Me
to reserve one to be held for
24 hours.

I waited a week.
I waited and constantly
checked my email at each cue,

My Notify Me arrived
Monday at 11:30
and I had my iPad
back home by 12:30.

Yes, I’m hooked
and yes, it’s fun to have.

did I really need it?
Now that question is

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5 thoughts on “My iPad Is Here: 110/365

  1. Cool
    Someday, maybe ….

  2. Congratulations! that is really pretty. I could never own one, and my reason? It is one of those odd eccentric things about my personality. It has nothing to do with it being an Apple product (although honestly I don’t own any of those either). It’s… well… It’s the touchscreen. I can’t deal. I was showing a friend of mine the Kindle that I have, and she pulled out her Nook, with it’s touchscreen, and there were fingerprints all over it, and I just wanted to rip it out of her hands and clean it for her lol…. as a matter of fact… do you mind if I borrow your Ipad for a moment and wipe some smudges? Like I said… I am odd.

  3. cute, amusing, well done. I hope you and your Ipad have many happy days together.

  4. Susan van Gelder

    I’m still holding out – just arriving in Canada on the 28th – but I’ll wait to see how people really like them. Let me know.

  5. I am just getting used to it. I am sure it will replace my Kindle. At the moment I am waiting for a case and that’s critical and I’m moving off the Iphone to a regular cell phone and then the Ipad will be for internet and email, especially away from home. But so far I haven’t left my laptop behind. We will see about that.
    I am a toy lover that’s for sure,

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