Guitar Master:111/36

Guitar Master

We arrived early
for the best seats
way up front
so I could watch
her fingers on the frets.

This restored,renovated
church almost empty for us,
had pews full by 7:29
and as late arrivers
walked by I could feel their envious eyes
on my vantage point.

Sharon Isbin,
well-respected in the world
of classical guitar
would be the one
to transport me
and I was open
for the flight.

She walked on stage
stylish, comfortable
and serious.
She sat and began
to softly tune
one last time
as she settled
herself on a
fresh stage.

I shut my eyes
as she began a
familiar piece
ready to ride
with her.

I opened my eyes
and watched her
her hands move deftly
in her zone,
but from my perfect
vantage point
and I didn’t
see passion.
I felt it, but
shouldn’t I see
it in her face,
in her movements?

It was missing for me.
It was missing for Tuvia.
I tried to keep listening
but I needed to see her
love her music.

Was I asking for too much?

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5 thoughts on “Guitar Master:111/36

  1. I don’t think you were asking for too much. I would rather see a “good” musician with passion than an “amazing” musician with clinical precision. There is something magical about that look of transported rapture on their face that enables me to be transported as well.

  2. Beautiful post. One of my favorite things is to see someone doing something they love and seeing the joy.

  3. Susan van Gelder

    I heard Stefano Montanari recently – the passion was there, the joy, the emotions and it was transmitted to the orchestra. You weren’t asking too much. Better to buy the CD!

  4. Bonnie,
    On my 50th birthday we went to see Bonnie Raitt in Savannah. (Savannah is the city I love!) Bonnie Raitt was fantastic for 60+, she still rocks. If you ever get the chance go see her. I know she is different from Stefano Montanari, but you’ll love it!

  5. I often wonder if musicians start to hate their standard songs after they’ve played them a million times. I have favorite songs from my favorite artists. They move me, but would they still if I played them everysingle day at work? However, I have been to many concerts and have seen artists who clearly exhibit LOVE for what they are doing. Is it sincere or are they just better actors?

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