Love at the Waterfall: 113/363

Love at the Waterfall

I could have put this photo up last Monday,
when it was brand new,
but I waited.

I had a documentary to finish
with a Wednesday deadline
and maybe it was too hard to believe
that in one very long Saturday
I moved from an automatic photag
to the manual crowd.

With this photo I began
spending hours at a waterfall
lost in the space
moving just inches with my
tripod with so much
to investigate
through my lens.

Sharon stopped by,
Ray checked in,
both remembered
when I tried this
once before
when I didn’t have enough
camera to work with
and instead,
used most of
the shooting time to socialize.

Just the beginning
now that I understand
how to move
from Automatic to Aperture Priority
I know how to read a
and move the dials

I have so much more to LEARN!
I am in love.

Categories: A Photo A Day 365/2010, At PEEC with Ray and Sharon Klass | 6 Comments

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6 thoughts on “Love at the Waterfall: 113/363

  1. Beautiful shot, Bonnie, just beautiful.

  2. In love, I love it. I think I’m getting wet, the waterfall is so present.

  3. Susan van Gelder

    Just starting that journey myself – so much to learn. Great texture in this shot.

  4. Thanks Ladies. What a fun way to learn.

  5. Bonnie, I awarded you two awards today. Congratulations on your excellence. Please feel free to do as much or little with them as you like. XD

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