Reading Ravitch is Driving me Crazy!

Reading Ravitch

Reading Ravitch is driving me crazy!
My car is without its Obama artifacts:
“Yes we Can” faded with the campaign idealism
and the Inaugural Seal peeled off inch by inch
until I pulled it out of its final agony.

And it’s all Diane’s fault for publishing
her muckracking history of educational reform
in the hands of Presidents and politicians who have
dragged us through NCLB,
high stakes testing with its teacher accountability,
and finally,
the unqualified embrace of Charter Schools
as the antidote to the
union-controlled public schools
as  Arne Duncan dangles Race to the Top funds,
to financially strapped states.

Diane waited patiently as I
downloaded her on my Kindle/Ipad
and I started reading the introduction.
I joined Shirley Brown’s
NWP Reading Ravitch online book group.
I read connected articles there
and left my comments.
I tried to break free,
taking long breaks
but she won’t let me forget
as I listen and read
with more educated
eyes and ears,

and  ultimately,
I am wondering,
as I watch
the fresh campaign ads
for Andrew Cumo
bonding with Presidents
Clinton and Obama
to Charter Schools
and this new path to educational
Where are they taking us
and can I really support them?
Can we?

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8 thoughts on “Reading Ravitch is Driving me Crazy!

  1. Brian G. Fay

    I’m going to have to get hold of a copy of this (I’ll order it through my library today) and then see if I can manage to get through it. I think that my ideas right now about education are that we need to radically rethink nearly everything starting with grades, classes, length of instruction, types of instruction.

    As for the politics of it, I think we have to keep pushing back against the nonsense of unqualified professionals who are little more than late-night talk show guests pandering to an audience and force people to look at things in rational ways.

    Ravitch paints a pretty bleak picture, eh? It’s time for teachers to stand up and paint a better one.

  2. lynnjake

    I too will order this book today. Although I am afraid it’ll make my last few years in this educational system, following pacing guides in search of ever higher test scores, heartbreakingly bleak.

  3. I wonder Brian, what rank-and-file know what their union leaders are doing for them. Seems like the deal they just made in Albany was to be eligible for the Race to the Top funds and that will have strings attached- high stakes test scores tied to teacher evaluations/merit pay and that will be a nightmare for teacher morale and real education.
    Let the cheating begin!

  4. It’s a good thing that the National Writing Project still exists. We have to keep that organization alive.

  5. And now it’s time to barbecue for my cheat meal. I can eat whatever I want for one meal and this one will last a long time…YES!
    But a good thing happened this morning, I was on the way to the gym and life got in the way, and I felt SOOOO guilty I had to miss my gym workout today, but I will be back sweating in the AM

  6. I have to get a hold of this book. I’m sure you’ve seen this, but just in case,

  7. Yes, I’ve been a book club with the NWP reading this book and there’s been lots of articles out connected with Ravtich everywhere. What a mess to come.

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