Spring Cleaning: 114/365 NaBloPoMo 6/1

After suffering weeks of guilt, before I could make my move, finally, I  and jumped out of bed, drank my cold 1/2 cup of Tropicana oj,  one large cup of coffee, chewed down a bit of Special K cereal and raced to work before Dana arrived to clean the place.

First it was time to dump: the shoes, the shoes that have been gathering dust for 10 years? More? Then clothes: stacks of tees from high school plays I directed.  I kept the freshest of course. Then old jeans, shorts, tops, bags, objects on the floor.

Discarding, dumping, throwing… I had a rhythm going, until just outside the closet door I created a mound of the abandoned.  Time to fill up 6 garbage bags, drag them to my car trunk and deliver them to the welcoming woman at Goodwill and in return I got a tax deduction slip and a new closet to fill up again.

The photo I didn’t shoot, sadly was the before. But I remember.

And the question you might ask is: Why did it take so long?

And that answer is complicated.  It’s more than just laziness.

It was in large part, avoidance.  I wasn’t ready to clear out the old until I was ready to embrace the new.  After an extended period of calorie control and a serious exercise regime, I am now officially ready to embrace summer and everything that comes with that season: shorts, tees, even bathing suits.

So bring it on!  I’m ready to show off my hard work.


Pictures to come…

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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: 114/365 NaBloPoMo 6/1

  1. Oh that must feel good. I love clearing out things. Congrats on the gains you’ve made. I’m looking forward to more pictures.

  2. It feels amazing and it mirrors the freedom of feeling physically lighter. Is there a better feeling?

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