The Shot: 114/365 NaBloPoMo 6/2

The Shot

I’ve been dying for this shot,

And as we drove into the city on a Saturday afternoon,
with traffic light,
Tuvia moved
into the right hand lane
of the George Washington Bridge,
slowed down a bit
and as I grabbed
my camera out of its dark bag
and set my dials to automatic
I started shooting
and grinning.


And next time it might be even better!

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3 thoughts on “The Shot: 114/365 NaBloPoMo 6/2

  1. Gorgeous. It would be super as a header for a blog. I’m glad you finally got it.

  2. dkzody

    I know that feeling. I have the same one as we round a curve on 280 and the downtown buildings of San Francisco come into view. I have yet to capture anything as good as this. Congratulations.

  3. Great idea XO! and Delaine, you are on my wavelength. I love the photo blog for this challenge.

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