Deep Reading on the Pad: 115/365 NaBlogPoMo #3

I am just getting to know my iPad as a reader to start. Yes, I am thrilled by its speed and so far I am not missing my iPhone that hopefully will find a more welcoming owner.

I love moving back and forth between email and internet and apps and photos, but at this moment, I am most excited by the reader as I enjoy the thrill of the ride through the last book of The Girl trilogy.

But I haven’t forgotten Ravitch and yesterday at the gym I took my Pad along to catch up.  Finally, I can read and work up a sweat on the Ellipse at the gym. I was lost in Diane’s chapter on making a case for teacher unions. 30 minutes, 40…the 5 minute slow down signal and I was taken by surprise.

Honestly, I’ve tried reading paperbacks on an exercise maching and I thought I was just too clutzy to do both.  But this device is perfect to multitasking in the real world even if you can’t do it yet on the Pad.  I actually don’t miss that.

So I’m riding with Lisbeth in Sweden and grieving the “reforms” in education and I am enjoying it all with my latest tech toy.

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8 thoughts on “Deep Reading on the Pad: 115/365 NaBlogPoMo #3

  1. I am almost done with Girl, too. I am still hooked but I don’t think the third book is on par with the second book, which had a lot more depth. Do you agree? (It’s OK to disagree!)

    PS — jealous of your ipad.

  2. Nope! I love book 3. What a ride! I enjoy seeing bright good guys. I don’t want it to end. Too bad what Diane Ravitch writes about is our reality and where is my politician who truly appreciates and understands education. Where’s the reformer?
    🙂 I wish you were playing on an iPad.

  3. Now you have me thinking about the ipad/iphone thing. I have resisted the book readers but I agree about how hard it is to read while you are on those machines. More to ponder.

  4. I am happy for you and I am jealous. I want one especially for traveling.

  5. :). I will be on a train in a few weeks and my books are ready to roll with me. I remember jealously watching business types who had internet with their cards. Now I’m wired too and I don’t wear a suit.

  6. This reminds me that i have the final book on my Kindle, and I need to download it. I am very much looking forward to it!

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