Life Without Tech?: #116/365 NaBloPoMo #4

I wasn’t planning to upload this photo.  It has NOTHING to do with today except that it’s an anchor of real life, nature, a reminder about what really counts.

Today was all about the downside of my life in the world of technology.

I put up my retired iPhone last week with the tech support for my Apple guy, Tom. I was going to sell it for $200.00 but Ebay suggested $300, so why not?  All good. Two hours I got notification that my phone sold for 3.

All good, too good.

Yes, it sold, but no money was yet recorded in my online account.

I followed Ebay’s  directions, notified the customer with an invoice and a friendly note and waited, and waited and then I followed the online directions and notified EBay and waited and waited…until today when I received a monthly charge from Ebay and another notice that my first customer was a fraud.

Okay, I was freaking.  I searched the EBay site for customer support, a phone number. No Number anywhere.  So, I sent another email….and I’m waiting and waiting and waiting… I was afraid it was too good to be real.

And then there’s my new AT and T phone.  Small, old fashioned, just phone. Okay that works, but I did want to use it safely in my car.  I bought a new wire headset, something cool and modern and expensive, of course.  I couldn’t get much support from the AT and T clerk but I did what I could, but it wasn’t working. I returned it and begrudgingly the young, annoyed girl swapped out the original one for a new one.

One week later I walked into an AT and T store close to Tuvia’s. Both of us had good experiences with this one.  This new one was no better than the first.  The smiling Josh offered an alternative and it was cheaper. Seemed to good to me.  But one week later, the afternoon I was back at this AT and T store with the latest headset that wasn’t working either.  Josh wasn’t around and the guy standing in front of me was a quiet and slow guy.  It did help to make eye contact with the manager who remembered me from last week and jumped in. But still this new one was declared a dud and they had no replacements and honestly, did I want to be back again next week?

I walked out. Two tech strikes. One more to go?

I am sticking with that flower I captured for now and using my “stable” mac to document the experience and in just one minute I’m going to upload it here.

Ready???  It has to work for me.

I tried using that one.  Static, static and more…

I took it to a friendly AT and T store that I’ve had good experience with.

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4 thoughts on “Life Without Tech?: #116/365 NaBloPoMo #4

  1. Oh dear. Hope your day gets better and better as it goes on. I hope this doesn’t mean that you sent the phone off to the eBay customer?

    The flowers are so steadily there and beautiful. Perfect.

  2. Nope I didn’t send it and this photo came from my effort with macro shooting. Hard to believe I shot it.
    Thanks for staying with me,

  3. lynnjake

    I was just going to ask the same thing. Glad you hadn’t sent it!

  4. Hi Lynne,
    I can’t speak very well of Ebay. I was charged $21.50 for an invoice charge for the month of May. I joined at the very end and I didnt sell anything. When I tried to find a phone number, to speak to someone I got nothing but help pages. Finally I sent an email somewhere and got a customer survey. Let’s see if that helps.
    I have an iPhone to sell. Anyone interested?

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