It’s Getting Closer: 117/365 NabloPoMo: 6/5

Meet Summer Institute 2010 (missing Katelin)

On the last Saturday in April we were still in pants and long sleeves and it was tough at first to get everyone outside and ready for a group photo.

What we were thinking about?  Lunch was ending and we had a few hours left before this newly formed SI group left for home.

10 years of orientations, 10 Junes of uncertainty.

I try hard to return my cobwebbed, broken in shoes and remember what I was thinking about as I took my seat next to a stranger in a room filled with strangers.  I try to remember what it was like to open a fresh journal and click a familiar pen and begin writing to a fresh prompt, wondering if/when I would share something, wondering when I would begin to feel comfortable.

As I look back to the photo, I wonder, who was feeling comfortable at that moment when we stood close together, indentified  officially as the HVWP SI 10.

As June begins, I am wondering how each one of those smiling faces is preparing to join the circle I will work to create on our opening day. It’s a good thing I am wearing my well worn shoes.  I have watched and supported  this process of community building 10 times and I’m feeling sure that this 11th time will be the best time.

As everyone else ends their school year, I have the luxury of focusing my fresh energy on the start of their HVWP experience….let the process begin. 🙂

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One thought on “It’s Getting Closer: 117/365 NabloPoMo: 6/5

  1. Bonnie – It would be so awesome to be a part of such a group. That image of opening a new journal and clicking my pen gives me goosebumps!

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