Insomnia? Embrace it with Meryl:118/365 NaBloPoMo 6/6

Insomnia? Embrace it with Meryl

Insomnia, I am in your grip.
My eyes itch,
my mind races,
humidity suffocates me.

I walk my rooms
With pillow in hand
settling in on the cool living room couch.
But cable TV
offers no diversion
at 1 am.

But I have a secret weapon
hidden and forgotten
Meryl surfaces
As Julia!

I pop the disk
into my DVD player,
adjust the devices
and I am transported
in seconds,
to Paris 1949.

All of me relaxes:
Eyes, mind, body
And I am with her
As I drift off far away
where you are powerless
Dreaming movie Meryl.

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4 thoughts on “Insomnia? Embrace it with Meryl:118/365 NaBloPoMo 6/6

  1. Oh yes, insomnia is a fairly constant companion in my life. But for me, it is a 4am wake up so I just read and journal until it is a reasonable hour and I can begin my day. Hope this is short lived.

  2. Interesting Merle as a treatment for insomnia. I do watch a movie if I can’t sleep and the sun isn’t up yet. If the sun is up I start my day. I’m on sun time. XD

  3. I love this movie! Although I’ve grown to prefer fast forwarding the “present” parts to focus on Julia and Paul…much better for the soul. I don’t know whether it’s a sign of the aging process…but I simply can’t take whining anymore!

  4. I totally agree Tara. Amy Adams is an excellent actress but there’s no match for the Julia story in Paris.

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