Blowin’ in the Wind: 119/365 NabloPoMo #7

I’m in love with the the view from my porch and now that my new flower boxes are filled with blooming plants and I am taking more camera risks,  my rewards are knocking my socks off. Can you believe this photo?  I just moved the dial to A and fiddled with the dials and Voila! It was a crazy Sunday and I don’t know that I feel the wind blowin’ in this shot, but it does capture something gorgeous, no?

I took a another break from my daily photo/writing challenge for a week or a bit more and it didn’t feel right.  Sure I kept on with my morning journal writing at the Word Count site but the day just didn’t start right for me.  I needed to be here challenged.

It feels good to be back.  IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!

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8 thoughts on “Blowin’ in the Wind: 119/365 NabloPoMo #7

  1. Look at those flowers growing! I thought you said you couldn’t grow anything? Whenever I plant mairgolds, the slugs get to them before I can take a picture. Must be the difference between your coast and mine 🙂

  2. It’s amazing I know. I used to kill everything when I had apartments with no light but now that the plants are comfortably anchored in the soil and it’s not too hot, I’m all good. Could be the difference too between coasts Juliann,

  3. I love the variations of green puntuated by those fabulous reds and oranges…what a lovely view!

  4. I meant to say, punctuated…just rushing through lunch before 30 sixth graders come charging through!!

  5. I love your photos accompanied by poems, essays, thoughts.

  6. Susan van Gelder

    What a happy feeling photo -full of colour and life.

  7. Thanks my blogging buds. It’s great to be back

  8. Welcome back. I love how flowers claim their space and are so beautiful, just like you.

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