With my Parents: 120/365, SOLT, NaBloPoMo:6/8


I take events like this one for granted.  Just a Saturday lunch at the Middletown Diner with my parents and Tuvia.

I know that I shouldn’t, in fact, soon we won’t be meeting half way when my parents will be forced to admit that the trip is too much for him.

I know that, but as we leave them after one last hug and wave, I am already thinking about the next event on our list, singing along to the next song on my iPod.  Life just keeps me distracted from the reality that these really are precious moments that I won’t forget especially with these photos. So it’s important to carry along the camera bag and remember to stop action, hand the Nikon off to Tuvia and take this away with me.

My parents continue to make my life richer.

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11 thoughts on “With my Parents: 120/365, SOLT, NaBloPoMo:6/8

  1. I had the same thought this weekend when we were visiting my parents. I just don’t take enough pictures of them anymore. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I know about the pics but even though they don’t look like they used to, my parents don’t seem to have that vanity anymore. Actually, my dad never did.

  3. Wise words, Bonnie…my parents live in London, and when I’m with them I feel every moment counts. Most times, I forget about the camera and then wish I’d preserved the moments, usually when I’m on the flight home, or have waved them off at Newark Airport. I will remember this, though, and carry that camera next time!

  4. Christy

    I’ve often thought of my camera as a tool to capture big events. Your post is impetus to look at my camera with new eyes. It is a tool to capture moments. I have included capturing moments with my camera as one of my summer goals. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. The camera is such a powerful tool especially now without film. 🙂

  6. Lisa

    My husband’s uncle just forwardes us today that last picture taken of my grandfather-in-law. His two sons were dropping him and his wife off at the airport so they could head to Arizona for the winter. He died there about a month later. That picture, and your “slice” have reminded me to take more photos of family.

  7. Ironic Lisa,
    I debated about posting it but then I realized that my parents will never see it online. It’s more for me and the blogging world.

  8. Annie

    Thanks for making me stop and think about this today. We can never be reminded often enough. Beautiful picture. Beautiful you.

  9. Susan van Gelder

    Treasure these moments. My parents are gone. And having photos helps tweak memories.

  10. I love the thought of this. I must call my father tomorrow and take many pics when I see him this summer.
    I see the resemblance, especially to your mother.

  11. Cute photo!

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