Family on a Saturday:#120/365 NaBloPoMo #9

My brother Jeff,with the moustache, arrived for dinner with my S-I-L Marla on gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  Tuvia always loves a good party and after a period of getting to know Jeff, feels comfortable with him.  So we, as a 4some get together once a month.

I can’t help but remember what it was like growing up with Jeff college we were   Jeff was my younger, very annoying brother who was always joking and most of the world loved having him around. NOT ME!

We spent our childhoods waring with each other most of the time and I’m sure my parents wondered and prayed it would stop. Logically, as both of my brothers matured, started lifting weights and grew tall, much taller than I was, it did end.

And as  the  physically fighting stopped and as we slowly established our lives as adults and realized that our family anchor was worth maintaining and celebrating we made peace.

So as I enjoyed my weekly cheat meal of ribs, vodka, french fries, Ben and Jerry’s etc… Jeff and Marla and Tuvia joined me for a night of friendship.

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3 thoughts on “Family on a Saturday:#120/365 NaBloPoMo #9

  1. Brothers are like that…all those years of physical tussling lead to something wonderful, and reassuring. I find my brothers “read” me better than than anyone else, there is just so much that is understood.

  2. Susan van Gelder

    Nothing like family or friends and good food.

  3. That sounds so good. I see the resemblance.
    My older brother did NOT want me around. I thought he was a god, till I grew up.

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