Early Morning at Social Security: #121/365 NaBlogPoMo 10

Early morning at the Social Security Office and I was #3 with a seat on that bench next to a lovely Indian couple in need of SS cards.  Now of course, I have a SS number. My parents proudly applied for mine when they opened my first back account on the day I was born,  and I’ve known my number by heart  since my college days when  it first became my ID  and then, as I matured into adulthood, made its way into my credit card information.

But I’ve lost track of my card  and in this  post 9/11 world,  state and federal positions demand official ID, even for reapplication, You need your social security card. so okay, I found their headquarters yesterday, conveniently close to home and but by 10:30am  the waiting rooms was packed with applicants, and the experienced officer in charge shared his expertise:

Come back tomorrow. Get here early, before the office opens at 8:30, to secure a good position.

Great advice.

The four of us were in at 8:45 and I was out by 9:10, with a promise by the official clerk, that my replacement card would arrive by mail in the usual 7-10 days. Perfect!

I was off to the gym with time to kill before my session with Anthony.  I had just enough time to chat with my mom.  I proudly shared my SS adventure  with her and her response:

“Honey, I have your social security card.  I have all my kids’ cards.”

“What? No, mom you, I had it.”

“Could be, but then I have copies too.”

“All good mom, backup!”

I didn’t really need any more sleep, right? Why didn’t I ask?

Mom still knows best.

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2 thoughts on “Early Morning at Social Security: #121/365 NaBlogPoMo 10

  1. Cute post. I had to get a new card recently, too. Good for your mother. We all could use one of her. XD

  2. And it just arrived today. Speedy!

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