Returning to Dover: #122/365 NaBloPoMo #11

On Wednesday night it rained  all the way up  and back to Dover Middle School and I figure that I spent almost 3 hours in my car and  if I had to do it again, yes, I would!  What a night!

I arrived early and as I selected a parking spot right across from the building, I could see through the rain drops that Lorraine with her classroom lit and preparing for her Big Digital Storytelling Show.  As I gathered up my camera equipment to document the event , I waved, caught her eye and she stopped to meet me at the side door as I raced for shelter.

Inside, the room was in party mode: balloons, refreshments, chairs in rows facing the screen that would soon fill with the digital stories created by her first period class.  Ironically, she was feeling more optimistic about the turnout because the rain had washed out many of the scheduled sporting events, freeing up students and their families to attend our Big Show.

We had a small window of breathing time to sit together and get Lorraine talking for the camera, reflecting on where we had come since we had started working together in this medium.  During this second go round she had come into her own and while I enjoyed supporting and assisting, she was comfortable and confident in the process.

The girl group above arrived all dolled up, with energy to share. They took charge of the refreshments, welcoming family arriving early and they were more than willing to share their reflections on the project as well.

Love that 6th grade vibe.

Soon the room was filled with kids, parents and grandparents and after short introductions from Lorraine and from me we were off. Story after story brought waves of applause and pause and sniffles.

I stood with Lorraine in the darkness, enjoying each piece,  remembering the process of the pieces I had worked on.

It was one of those rich moments that the audience in this room would not forget. It’s just another reason to be ready to fight the movement to assess the work of the classroom with a test.  What happens to this authentic work?

Bravo Lorraine, keep up the fight!

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8 thoughts on “Returning to Dover: #122/365 NaBloPoMo #11

  1. This sounds so cool! I’d love to know what the process is. We now have an ELMO in our class, and I’d love to be able to do more techy stuff next year.

  2. Susan van Gelder

    Sounds like a wonderful celebration of work that matters.

  3. Hi Tara,
    Digital Storytelling is a great process for moving kids from writers to creators and there’s lots of resources now for it.
    @Susan, it was amazing

  4. Lorraine

    You’re right, Bonnie! What a night! I’m still flying high from it.
    The next day, I decided to put the show on for my other four classes.
    The other students were wondering why they didn’t get a chance
    to do the project!! Other teachers and administrators stopped in
    to watch a few……It makes it all worth it!
    Thanks again Bonnie!

    • @ Lorraine,
      I hope there’s more to come for us next year! It’s an honor to work with you. I’m so glad to hear that the good times continued beyond the rainy night.

  5. lf10guest

    What a great way to reconnect back, and well worth the drive, for sure.

  6. You bet Kevin!

  7. Did she do this project in the same class where you did the video of Tuvia? If it was anything like that, I can see why it was such a hit.

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